Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner

The Traditional Victorian Style Christmas Dinner would not be the same without the obligatory Turkey; the bigger the better! As always, we offer a wide range of Christmas Fayre to suit all your festive taste buds.

Our turkeys and capons are reared for us by local farmers who passionately believe in rearing traditional, old fashioned breeds, that are kept in open barns and matured slowly on grass to develop a succulent, fuller flavour. They’re hand plucked & hung to create a great tasting bird – juicy and full of tender meat.

For those who prefer breast meat: single boneless turkey breasts (aprrox 6lb) and double boneless turkey breasts (approx 12lb) are available.

If you enjoy a selection of meats, we prepare to order the increasingly popular Festive 3 Bird Roasts (turkey, duck and pheasant.)

We also have ducklings and geese as an alternative to the Victorian feast or our range a Farm Assured beef, lamb, gammon and pork if you fancy a more Medieval flavour.

Your abundant Christmas table would not be complete without pigs in blankets, gammon, a selection cooked meats and sausage to mention a few……

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