Getting our Home Cured Fat and Steaky Bacon ready for Christmas

With the festive period fast approaching it is highly important that we prepare some items in advance, this is so we can offer the finest produce to our loyal customers at a time that matters the most, Christmas. Our ‘Home Cured’ Bacon range is available all year round, but on the run up to Christmas this range gets a visitor from its festive companion, the ‘Home Cured’ Fat Bacon.

The Fat Bacon along with the Streaky, are both ideal for covering the turkey in order to keep the bird tender and moist whilst cooking. The streaky is not only great in a traditional English Breakfast or as a topper on a burger, this beautiful cut of meat becomes the ‘blanket’ to the old-style ‘pig-in-blanket’. The fat bacon again isn’t a one trick pony, this multi-use cut can be great on a butty if frazzled in a pan, contingent that the person likes crispy bacon fat. The fat bacon is also a great fryer, regarding put a piece in your frying pan before you cook your breakfast, and when the fat melts it will act as a frying agent to the rest of your breakfast and infuse your meal with its delicious flavour.

We buy in special fat gilt pigs and break them down for curing around a month before the festive season, this allows time for the traditional salt cured style of curing which dates back all the way to the ancient times. We only use the highest quality curing salts to ensure the best quality final product!

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