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31st August 2017

The Importance of Buying British Beef

Posted 31st August 2017

There’s nothing more British than beef! It has stood the test of time and is the envy of the world. The quality of beef varies from breed to breed. Traditional breeds, are more prone than others to have flecks of unsaturated fat running through the meat. This is known as ‘marbling’ and gives the meat

30th August 2017

At Anderton’s we only use “Highbury Shropshire” Whole British Chickens

Posted 30th August 2017

Highbury Poultry has built a reputation for excellence over the past 50 years and has supplied fresh Chicken to ourselves here at Anderton’s for many years. All Highbury chicken are produced in Shropshire with full traceability from farm to your door. We see it as vitally important that we buy British and that our customers buy British for