Stories archive November 2016

22nd November 2016

Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner

Posted 22nd November 2016

The Traditional Victorian Style Christmas Dinner would not be the same without the obligatory Turkey; the bigger the better! As always, we offer a wide range of Christmas Fayre to suit all your festive taste buds. Our turkeys and capons are reared for us by local farmers who passionately believe in rearing traditional, old fashioned breeds,

14th November 2016

Sausage Maker Winners!

Posted 14th November 2016

At the start of November, Roger and Austin made the journey down to London to accept our award for Sausage Makers as part of Sausage Week. It was an amazing event & our prize was awarded by Jonathan Benjamin (JB) Gill, former member of JLS who is now the ambassador for British Sausage Week. We’re