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Lamb Cushions


Lamb cushions are boneless mini joints of lamb taken from the shoulder. They get their name from the string that is wrapped round them in order to keep their shape, which makes them resemble a cushion. Very flavoursome and tender if cooked right.

Cushion of lamb is a lovely roasting joint, it’s flavourful and easy to carve. It is designed to be stuffed so search our recipe section for some delicious stuffings. Pop it into the oven at Gas mark 4-5, 180-190 degrees Celsius for: Medium: 25 mins per 450g + 25 mins (internal temp approx 75-80˚C),  Well done: 30mins per 450g +30 mins (internal temp approx. 75-80˚C)

  • £5.60 each / 400g (1lb) (2 X per pack)
  • 1 Cushion Serves 1 Hungry Adult!