Supply Chain

Supply Chain

 Anderton’s Ribble Valley Butchers (ARVB) have an established network of local, regional and international suppliers who know our expectations and understand the scope of our business: some of our supply chains span several decades. 

With a demand for products of specific quality and grade, fluid relationships with all supply partners both at home and throughout the European Union and Commonwealth are integral to provision.

Customers can be assured that they are being supplied with consistently high quality, competitively priced meat all year round.

We do raise some of our own livestock and all of our suppliers have been through a documented supplier approval procedure with approval based on a combination of certification: BRC or other GFSI- recognisable scheme and supplier audits to include product safety, traceability, HACCP review and good manufacturing practices.

Customers can be confident that our produce has been ethically reared, assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection through every part of the food chain.

Our meat is traceable ‘farm to fork.’