The British love the taste of burgers, especially gourmet versions. Burgers are affordable, portable and customizable.  They have become a staple on both kitchen and restaurant tables across the UK.

Versatility and value are the key ingredients that have seen innovations in burgers with ‘Gourmet burgers’ growing in popularity through their status as a tasty, affordable meal yet still indulgent.

ARVB are well versed in making burgers of every size, shape and species – hand and machine pressed.

Our beef burgers are made from prime British forequarter meat. The minced meat is then mixed to one of our multi- award winning recipes with or without fresh additions then rested before being pressed to allow the flavour profile to develop.

ARVB can modify our burgers to customer needs can produce bespoke varieties, we have been known to produce ‘one-offs’.

We can also offer variations suitable for people on low calorie diets or for those who have food intolerances / allergies.  Customers can be confident that the meat selected for our burgers has been ethically reared, assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection through every part of the food chain.

Our burgers are traceable – ‘hill to grill.’


Anderton’s Select Burgers


Beef Burger
Beef, Leek and Onion Burger
Lamb and Mint Burger
Lamb and Rosemary Burger
Pork and Apple Burger
Rump Steak Burger
Meat Balls
Spicy Lamb Kebabs