British Beef has been a symbol and source of national pride for centuries. The breeding cattle for meat appears to have been invented in Britain, with breeds singled out for eating from the 15th century onwards.

Britain has a celebrated collection of native breeds: Hereford, Galloway, South Devon and Aberdeen Angus; and our abundance of green grazing pastures ensure we effortlessly pick up the trophy for the world’s best tasting beef flecked with unsaturated fat – marbling.

Consumers are looking for better eating quality with attributes such as tenderness, flavour and juiciness being the most important factors. To ensure these requirements we hand select and ‘hang ‘our beef for a minimum of three weeks.

Hanging Meat /Maturing and or Dry Aging Meat is a culinary process to improve flavour.   Once a carcass is hung, progressive changes start to affect the meat and the enzymes naturally present in the meat break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and a more concentrated flavour.

Customers can be confident that our beef has been ethically reared, assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection through every part of the food chain.

Our beef is traceable – ‘gate to plate.’



Anderton’s premium

Ribble Reward

Our Premium brand the finest quality hung & matured locally sourced beef

Whole Beef Fillets 3kg +
Short Cut Sirloin on the Bone with Fillet
Short Cut Sirloin on the Bone
Aged Striploins 5-6kg
Aged Striploins 8kg +
Rib Eye Steak Piece 2.5-3kg
Rib Eye Steak Piece 3kg +
Whole Rumps
Fillet Steaks
Sirloin Steaks
T-Bone Steaks
Porter House Steaks
Rib Eye Steaks
Rump Steaks
Flat Iron Steaks

Anderton’s Select

Risedale Beef

All beef is hand selected by our team of skilled Ribble Valley Butchers

Whole Fillets 3kg +
Striploins 6kg
Whole Topsides
Cut & Tied Topsides
Whole Silversides
Cut & Tied Silverside
Fillet Steaks
Sirloin Steaks
Rib Eye Steaks
Cote de Beauf / Tomahawk
Rump Steaks
Sandwich Steaks
Steak Canadians
Stir Fry
Stewing Steak
Stewing Steak 5kg +
Braising Steak
Shin Beef
Skirt Beef
Brisket Ribs
Mince Beef
Mince Beef 5Kg +
Mince Steak
Ox Tail
Ox Cheek
Ox Kidney
Striploins 5kg (from the freezer)
Rib Eye Piece 2.5kg (from the freezer)